Remove AVS Video Converter - Easiest AVS Video Converter Removal Out There

Published: 26th April 2011
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Jane met a task these days:

"Iíve totally fed up of AVS Video Converter! I want to get rid of it! But how can I uninstall AVS Video Converter completely?"

"Donít worry about it! I can help you!"

Perfect Uninstaller answered.

When youíre stealing vegetables(a popular online game), you suddenly find that your AVS Video Converter didnít workóó the screen frozen, and other programs couldnít be openóóyour PC fell into complete corruption! An idea came into your mind: uninstall AVS Video Converter!

How to Remove AVS Video Converter Easily and Fully without Any Registry Entries and Files Left over?

Normally the first method comes to your mind is uninstalling it directly with Windows Add/Remove Programs utility.

1. Uninstall AVS Video Converter with Windows Add/Remove Programs

  1. Go to Start - Settings - Control Panel, and then Add/Remove Programs(For Windows XP) /Programs and Features(For Windows Vista)

  2. Find this program in the dropdown list and then click Remove/Uninstall to uninstall it.

  3. Follow the on-screen steps when AVS Video Converter is running the uninstall process.

After the above uninstall process, please go to Start-Run-type Regedit to access Registry Editor and then remove its related registry entries within HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\.

If youíre not a professional on computers, please be very careful and cautious when removing AVS Video Converter related registry information as any tiny errors happen in this Windows Registry, will lead your PC into a calamity. But with Perfect Uninstaller in hand, uninstalling AVS Video Converter will be an easy work for you.

2. Uninstall AVS Video Converter with Perfect Uninstaller.

  1. After installing Perfect Uninstaller in a full version, run it.

  2. Click AVS Video Converter in the Display Name list.

  3. Click "Uninstall" icon to begin the removal.

As you follow the above instruction, you can uninstall AVS Video Converter easily and fully, including its all registry entries and drivers. Apart from removing AVS Video Converter, it can also completely remove other more difficult uninstall programs thoroughly such as Adobe, Aol Toolbar, McAfee and so on.

"Perfect Uninstaller is the best uninstall tool Iíve used. Itís really worth using." Jane admired.

So why donít you quickly get one Perfect Uninstaller downloaded? Donít be hesitated! With Perfect Uninstaller, you can uninstall any unwanted programs on your PC easier and faster. It not only uninstalls AVS Video Converter and other programs, but also wipes out the left registry files. Perfect Uninstaller will protect your computer from corrupted errors, speeding up your PCís performance!

What's more, Perfect Uninstaller also can offer you many information about program uninstallation, besides uninstalling AVS Video Converter you can find the most efficient way to uninstall Norton, Antivirus and any other unwanted software easily and completely.

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