How to Uninstall A-Squared Free

Published: 09th July 2010
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For some users, maybe the first choice to uninstall a program is not its own uninstall utility. Sometimes they just don't have the consciousness to use that convenient tool. For example, a user uninstalled A-squared Free through Add/Remove Programs and when restarted the computer the program remained active on the computer.

Actually, Add/Remove Programs often enables the same uninstall utility the software uses. If this method failed, then there must be some error with the program
Download setup file and reinstall A-squared Free then uninstall with its own uninstall tool is one option; download Best Uninstall Tool and try this powerful tool is another option.

The second solution is time-saving and quicker. Of course, he chose it. Then he downloaded a free trial of Best Uninstall Tool and followed the instructions here to remove the leftovers successfully:

First, download a free trial of Best Uninstall Tool to your computer and install it to your computer then double click the icon of Best Uninstall Tool and choose "Continue Testing" to begin the trial

Second, on the top of the main interface press:Force uninstall"

Third, skip the following pop-up by clicking "Ok"

Forth, choose A-squared Free's directory at the next window, you will find there will be two word blank;click the button on the right side of the second blank to go through

Fifth, select A-squared folder and click "next" to start the removal

Sixth, just follow the on-screen steps to finish the uninstall process

I want to mention again, the first choice to uninstall a program is its own uninstall utility if there is one.

Otherwise, to look for a good uninstall tool to uninstall the program is another choice.

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